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With effect from 15 November 2006, it is mandatory for all customers to use a security authentication code known as " Authentication Code" (PAC) when performing online transactions and updating of personal details.

The introduction of PAC is to provide a greater security framework so that customers can use our Internet Banking Service with full confidence and at your convenience.

  1. What is PAC?
    * PAC is a unique 6-digit authentication code which is system generated.
    * PAC acts as an additional security for you when you perform online transactions and updating your personal details.

  2. How does PAC works?
    * At the PBeBank confirmation screen, ensure the transaction details are correct. Then click ‘Request PAC Now’.

    * The PAC SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone. The PAC SMS carries within important details regarding the transaction performed. 
      Enter the PAC number sent via SMS to your mobile phone into the PAC field at the confirmation screen. Ensure that the "Serial Number" for the PAC shown on your mobile phone correspond with the "Serial Number" shown at the transaction screen before you click on the "Confirm" button.  



    * If you receive a PAC SMS that you did not request or where the transaction details differ, there is a strong probability your PBeBank account has been compromised. Disregard the PAC. Immediately contact our PBeBank Customer Support HelpDesk at 03-2179 5000 for assistance.
    * Do not request for more than one PAC as the earlier requested PAC will be revoked and be invalid.

  3. Can I use the same PAC for multiple transactions?
    * No. For online banking safety a new PAC is required for each transaction.

  4. When is PAC required?
    PAC is required when performing the following transactions as listed below:
    * All types of Fund Transfers
    * Foreign Remittance
    * Payment to 3rd Party Accounts
    - Credit/Debit Card
      - Loan/Financing
      - Bill Payment
      - Statutory Payment
      - Mobile Prepaid Recharge
    *E-Standing Instruction (Creation)
    *Positive Pay
    *E-Share Application
    *Western Union
    *PB Mobile Banking/MyMobile (Registration & Activation)
    *Profile Maintenance
    *Cheque Book Request
    *Account Registration and Maintenance
    *Direct Debit
    *Financial Process Exchange (FPX)

  5. How do you obtain your PAC?
    * If you have registered your mobile phone number, your PAC can be requested via and the 6-digit authentication code will be transmitted to your mobile phone via SMS.
    Note: For customers who are overseas, you must have an active Malaysian mobile service number and access to international call roaming service.

  6. How to register your mobile phone number?
    * All customers with mobile phone service are required to register their mobile
    phone number via Public Bank branches.
    Note: Should there be a change in your mobile phone number, you are required to update your new mobile phone number at any Public Bank branches.
    * Once you have registered your mobile phone number, you can request for PAC online and it will be transmitted to your mobile phone via SMS.

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